Cambridge Examination Courses

Suzanne Sparrow Language School’s Cambridge examination courses offer intensive exam preparation and are designed to improve your language level in all areas, speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The complete Cambridge courses start in January, March and September.

Students are provided with a course book and a mock exam before sitting the final examination.

Minimum age: 16yrs.

Maximum class size: 8.

Cambridge First Certificate in English (Council of Europe Level B2) – upper intermediate level. Accepted by many employers worldwide as indicating proficiency in English to be able to be of use in many jobs.

Course aims & content

Paper 1: Reading

Candidates are tested on their ability to understand, among other things: attitude, inference, text organisation features, purpose, main ideas, text structure, specific information.

Paper 2: Writing

Candidates are tested on their ability to write specified task types with a range of functions. They will be assessed on achievement of task, range of vocabulary and structure; organisation and cohesion; accuracy; spelling and punctuation; appropriacy.

Paper 3: Use of English

Candidates are assessed on their ability to demonstrate knowledge and control of the language system by completing various tasks at word, sentence and text level.

Paper 4: Listening

This paper tests the ability to understand gist, detail, function, purpose, attitude, opinion, relationship, topic, situation and main idea.

Paper 5: Speaking

Candidates are assessed on grammar and vocabulary, discourse management, pronunciation and interactive communication.

Cambridge Advanced Exam (Council of Europe Level C1) – advanced level. Accepted by most UK universities (including the University of Plymouth) and a growing number in the USA as proof of adequate level for courses taught and assessed in English.

Cambridge Proficiency Exam (Council of Europe Level C2) – very advanced. Accepted by many institutions as indicating a level of near native speaker.

The examination content and format for CAE and CPE is similar to that of First Certificate but at higher levels.

Course Details & Prices

Cambridge Preparation Short Course / 23 hours week / £260 per week / £414 with accommodation

Cambridge Advanced / 23 hours per week / £2200 for 10 weeks / £2640 for 12 weeks / £3740/£4488 with accommodation

Cambridge Proficiency / 23 hours per week / £2200 for 10 weeks / £2640 for 12 weeks / £3740/£4488 with accommodation

First Certificate / 23 hours per week / £2200 for 10 weeks / £2640 for 12 weeks / £3740/£4488 with accommodation


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