When you first came to the Suzanne Sparrow School as a student, which school did you come with?

As a Student, I came to Suzanne Sparrow School with the same school that I have now come with as a teacher; El Salvador School.

Can you remember which homestay you stayed with?

I stayed with 2 different families. I don’t remember very much about the first one, but I can perfectly remember the second one, as I was with them for 3 summers. We kept in touch for a long time, but we eventually lost touch. They were really really nice!

Do you feel you learnt a lot when you came as a student?

Absolutely! I had studied English for a few years before coming to England, but I basically learnt grammar rules. Here I could improve my speaking and listening, but above all I gained in confidence and lost the shame to communicate in a different language.

Was it then that you fell in love with the English Language?

I have always listened to English Music. As far back as a I can remember I wanted to learn this language, since I was little, in order to be able to sing my favourite songs. It was here in Plymouth where I realised that English was also a powerful tool to communicate, meet new people and know a different culture.

What do you most enjoy about teaching English?

I have had really good English teachers in my life and it took me a long time to realise how important everything was that they taught me, and the doors that they opened for me. What I like most about teaching English is feeling that I’m doing the same for my students.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to become an English teacher?

Learning English can be a fun thing to do. Just make sure you teach that way. Motivate your students, hook them into learning English and make them love this language as much as you do.

This is not your first time bringing students to the school. How many times have you brought a group to our school?

This is the third time I’ve come here as a teacher, but the school where I learnt and where I now work, has been bringing students to Suzanne Sparrow School for more than 20 years.

Do you find students benefit from learning the language in England?

Of course they do. They do not see English just as a subject they have to study anymore, it is much more than that. It is here in England, where they understand the importance of learning the language. English here becomes something useful, the key to be part of this beautiful culture.