Intensive Cambridge Exam Prep Group Course

Cambridge First Certificate in English (Council of Europe Level B2) – upper intermediate.

Accepted by many employers worldwide as indicating proficiency in English to be able to be of use in many jobs. Maximum class size 12.

  • Prepare students for internationally recognised exam
  • Improve general English level and increase confidence in using English
  • Improve examination techniques and strategies
  • Practise and improve all four main skills
  • Expand vocabulary knowledge and improve grammar
  • Focus on accuracy, fluency and clearer pronunciation

Full or Part practice exams are also available in class or as homework.

Course Content

Reading (Paper 1)

  • Skills and strategies to apply to a broad range of texts.
  • Approaches to dealing with multiple choice (Part 1), gapped texts (Part 2), and multiple matching (Part 3).

Writing (Paper 2)

  • Focusing on appropriate style and register as well as a range of text types, e.g. letters, reviews, emails, essays, articles and reports.

Use of English (Paper 3)

  • Practising open and multiple-choice clozes (Parts 1 & 2), word formation and word transformations (Parts 3 & 4).

Listening (Paper 4)

  • Exposure to and skills for dealing with native speech.

Speaking (Paper 5)

  • Focusing on accurate and appropriate usage of grammar and vocabulary, coherent expression of ideas, pronunciation, interactive communication and performing exam tasks successfully.



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