Intensive Cambridge Exam Preparation Group Course

B2 First (FCE)

Accepted by many employers worldwide as indicating proficiency in English to be able to be of use in many jobs. Maximum class size 12.

  • Prepare students for internationally recognised exam
  • Improve general English level and increase confidence in using English
  • Improve examination techniques and strategies
  • Practise and improve all four main skills
  • Expand vocabulary knowledge and improve grammar
  • Focus on accuracy, fluency and clearer pronunciation

Full or Part practice exams are also available in class or as homework.

Please contact us for a quote based on your group’s individual requirements.

Course Content

Reading (Paper 1)

  • Skills and strategies to apply to a broad range of texts.
  • Approaches to dealing with multiple choice (Part 1), gapped texts (Part 2), and multiple matching (Part 3).

Writing (Paper 2)

  • Focusing on appropriate style and register as well as a range of text types, e.g. letters, reviews, emails, essays, articles and reports.

Use of English (Paper 3)

  • Practising open and multiple-choice clozes (Parts 1 & 2), word formation and word transformations (Parts 3 & 4).

Listening (Paper 4)

  • Exposure to and skills for dealing with native speech.

Speaking (Paper 5)

  • Focusing on accurate and appropriate usage of grammar and vocabulary, coherent expression of ideas, pronunciation, interactive communication and performing exam tasks successfully.



PRICE: £135

Friday 13th March | Closing date: 14th February

Tuesday 9th June | Closing date: 12th May
Thursday 30th July 
| Closing date: 3rd July
Thursday 27th August 
| Closing date: 31 July
Tuesday 1st December 
| Closing date: 4th November

FCE for Schools
Saturday 14th March 
| 14th February
Saturday 6th June 
| 7th May 
Saturday 25th July 
| 26th June
Saturday 5th December 
| 6th November

 Late entry fee: £25


PRICE: £140

Saturday 14th March | Closing date: 14th February
Wednesday 10th June | Closing date: 13th May
Friday 31st July | Closing date: 3rd July
Friday 28th August | Closing date: 31st July
Wednesday 2nd December | Closing date: 5th November

Late entry fee: £25


PRICE: £150

Saturday 7th March | Closing date: 7th February
Friday 12th June | Closing date: 14th May
Saturday 5th December | Closing date: 6th November

Late entry fee: £25

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