Questions frequently asked by our students

Do I need to take a test before I start my course?

We ask all our students to take our placement test before starting their course to help us decide which is the best level for them to study at. We also ask for other information about students’ language learning history and their objectives. Students who have very recently taken a recognised English language examination, may produce evidence of the result instead of taking our test or sometimes even in addition to it.

How long does it take to move up a level?

That depends on many factors. Learners go more quickly through lower levels, but take longer at higher levels. Between 8 to 12 weeks is typical for most people.

How can I best make progress ?
  • Review what you have studied in class every day.
  • Use online resources which are associated with your course material.
  • Try to use new language you have studied in class.
  • Work hard!
How much homework will i need to do?

Teachers usually set tasks every day, but these vary in length. A writing task, for example, that has been prepared in class might take an hour. But you may be asked to review a text and new vocabulary, which you can spend as much time as is necessary for you personally.

How many students are there in a class?

It depends on the level and the time of year. Lowest number is 2 students in a class. Highest number is 8. Often the number is somehwere in between!

Which countries do students come from?

Our students come from all over the world. In 2021 there were students from Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Syria, Ghana, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Poland, Malaysia, China, Japan, Italy, Albania, Vietnam, Brazil, Armenia, Roumania and South Korea.

How long are classes?

Classes in the morning are either 60 or 90 minutes long, depending on the course. 

Classes in the afternoon are usually 120 minutes. 

Do I need to buy any books for my course?

No. We provide all you course material. We often recommend extra learning resources, but these are usually online and free! 

We expect students to have some means of recording what they study in their classes, so that they can review it later. Some students bring laptops for this purpose, but they are not essential.


Questions about accommodation
Will I have to walk or catch a bus to get to and from school?

Whilst we always try our best to place students within a 30 minute walk of school, during our busy periods some students may have to catch a bus. The school will make sure you have a bus pass provided for your journey.

Does homestay accommodation include meals?

With all our homestay providers you will receive breakfast, a packed lunch and an evening meal, unless other arrangements are made with them. This is included in the cost of accommodation. Please be open-minded to the kind of food you may experience with your home here and also be aware that in England we may eat at different times of the day and different meal sizes to what you may be used to at home.

Do all homestay providers have internet access?

Most of our homestay providers have WiFi in their homes for you to use with your own laptops or mobile phones. The school has free WiFi.

If I am under 18, am I allowed to go out on my own after school and in the evenings?

For all of our junior students (aged under 18 years) we have strict curfews:-

12 or 13 years old you must be home before 2000hr
14 and 15 years old you must be home before 2100hr
16 and 17 years old you must be home before 2200hr

This is under the condition that we have signed permission from your parent/guardian and the agreement of the host family. For students aged 18 and over we ask that you discuss and agree a time to come home in the evenings that is suitable for you and your host family. Please be aware that if you break a set curfew, the school may remove your permission to go out.