Information for Homestay Providers

Every year Suzanne Sparrow Plymouth Language School welcomes international students of all ages, from over 20 different countries. Students stay with us from 1 week to 6 months. If you live in Plymouth and are able to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for visiting international students, please fill in the short application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

To find out more about providing students with a welcoming homestay, please email

If you are a student looking for accommodation, please visit the Accommodation for Students page.

What if my student needs medical treatment during their stay?

Should your student become ill or involved in an accident, please refer them to your own doctor or take them to the hospital. Please also inform the group leader and the school if this happens. Contact telephone numbers will appear on your programme.

How do I collect my students?

Meetings and departures are usually at Brittany Ferries car park outside the main Terminal building entrance, or at the Train Station.  A representative from the school will be at the meeting point and will introduce you to your student(s).

As a homestay provider, you are expected to meet your student(s) upon arrival. In an emergency, the school can arrange for a taxi to collect and deliver your student to your home. Please note that you will be responsible for covering the cost of the taxi.

At the end of the stay, homestay providers are also expected to take their student(s) to the departure point.

The school encourages families to meet and work together to assist with arrival and departure difficulties. We may be able to suggest families in your area that you can work with.

How is a homestay booking made?

Accommodation bookings are made in advance by telephone and/or email, depending on your preferred method of contact.

We send your details to the student(s) you will be hosting (i.e. your name, address, age of children at home, pets, etc). Some students contact the families before their arrival.

Shortly before your student(s) is due to arrive we will telephone you with details of the time, meeting place and any additional information about your student(s) i.e. any medical conditions, allergies, dietary requirements. We endeavor to give you as much information about the student(s) as possible.