The best English courses I have ever had 

Phong Van Le Thi


The lessons were very useful and the two teachers were really nice and friendly. We were able to look at everything we had wanted to during this stay.

Tom Coupard

Montreuil-sur-Ille, France

My experience has been so wonderful and productive. I have learnt new things and become more confident in myself regarding my English skills

Elis Mihaylova


The material was interesting for me. During this week I learned a lot! I liked the small classes because you learn more!

Larissa Negrele

The administration was good, if you had a question they were very friendly and it doesn’t matter what the question was.

Andrea Fitze

Rickenbach, Switzerland

The food was so tasty, my host family was very funny, sympathetic. It’s very easy to speak with them.

Jean-Marie Simon

Brest, France

Thank you very much for all your help and that you always made me feel confident and comfortable.You are a professional team and I am really looking forward to meeting you again!

Bogdan Moldovan


I would like to say “Thank you” for all the teachers of Suzanne Sparrow.
I hope someday somewhere we can meet again.

Jakyoung Kim

Seoul, South Korea

I have had a long experience of leading student groups to the UK and very rarely have I felt so considered and participant in the goings on of the school. 

Silvia Dinale

Vicenza, Italy

Best school ever, excellent organisation! Thank you to all the members of staff for their kindness. Great help.

Helen Bougot

St. Cyprien, France

The lessons were really good as there was lots of talking and fun.

Pauline Poirier

Betton, France

In every single way it surpassed my expectations and left me happy with the experience – from all that I learned and how it was excellent for preparing for the exam, to the charm of the teachers, the encouragement for us to learn further, how the classes were adjusted for our needs and how they took what I had and refined it.
Alessandro Pretti


They were interesting because it’s always important to know about another culture.

Eva Aldea Ignacio

Madrid, Spain

The activities and excursions were absolutely fantastic and interesting! I went to Newquay and it was a very good time!

Federica Faletti

Rovereto, Italy

Very lively lessons which encouraged students to talk. Great Teachers.

Victor Dubois

Rennes, France

The material was interesting and curios. All teachers have high level of professionalism. I’m satisfied absolutely!

Rostislav Krylov

Moscow, Russia

I really want to congratulate you for the great school you have and the way you look after it is to be admired.

Carmen Lopez Lopez

Murcia, Spain

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